hey everyone, this is definately still a work in progress. but im just wondering what you think... its not heavy metal or anything. its kinda of like a punk-poppish type i guess. ANY SUGGESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. but here it is:

Need A Change

Verse 1:
baby i dont have time to wait for you
this life is on a path to somewhere
im to the point where i dont care
your chokin, slowin me down
i just need the air

Verse 2:
you asked me why i needed out
why all our pictures had you cut out
well i need a change from everything
that means its time for me to breakout
i see no future of you and me

Verse 3:
im underneath the sheets
hoping you dont find me
i dont want to run
but i dont know what to say
other than goodbye.
so baby press replay
but it'll all be the SAME (again)<<echo lightly

This is our first
anniversary of going nowhere
time not well wasted
i wish i would've stopped this earlier
now my head's in the ground
just let me keep it there
and please walk away from me
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