Since when did singing constitute simply talking into a microphone?
Your musical backing is good. The riffs were hooky, the bass was good, drums strong and steady, and the guitar was good. However, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but the singing was not very good. It was too plain. As AA00P put it, it sounds like the singer is just talking. Partial deadpan vocals are acceptable (think Offspring). But, talking is unacceptable. The voice needs more of a melody, and some more vocal flourishes would be in order. Fix the singing issue, and you'll be home free. Otherwise, really good job. I'll keep an eye on you guys . You've got potential once the voice is fixed.
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Vocals - I like the style of "singing" it fits the music. The thing I don't like is that it doesn't sit in the mix right, perhaps its the mic you used, but its a bit hard for lack of a better word.

Guitar - Nothing new here, but they sound ok. There is a bit of hum / fuzz / high pitched something that is in the song that I think is from the guitar that needs to go, but its not terrible.

Bass - Yay for a song with a prominent bass line that is put upfront in the mix. This is well done and isn't overpowering at all.

Drums - A bit cymbal heavy. Either don't play them so much, or turn them down in the mix. The snare and bass drum get a bit lost. I really liked the snare tone though. Really deep and full sounding. It worked well. Fills were good though kinda hard to hear due to cymbal noise.

^ this is all for song one btw.

I liked the other songs as well though i'm not going to do a full review of them.
The second songs:
ska, fish style guitar made me happy! Is Hotel Lights a cover by chance? It sounds like somthing I have heard before. hmmm. . .

Third song :
I liked the chorus effect on the guitar in the beginning. Added layers to vocals worked ok.
In this song the vocals sit a bit better, but still not as well as they could.

Keep it up.

Cool song, overall I enjoyed it. I thought the singing is good as it fits the genre that you play. I like the bass lines, drums where good too. The only criticism I have is that I can't hear the guitar's that well [it may be my speakers] but what I did hear was quite fuzzy. The song is well constructed though and it's pretty catchy.. Overall good work.


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