hey all im selling my ds lite as i havent used it in who knows how long...year? 2 years lol. its black with like a few scratches (not very noticeable) and 4 ds games and a gba game if u want it lol.
the console comes with a charger original box and instructions. the games are worms open warefare 2 (with case and instructions), nintendogs blue one labrodaur? no case or instructions), metroid prime hunters first hunt (demo with a few missions and co op play), nintendogs demo yellow one. and pokemon fire red if you want it for like $10au.
all games work, console has no screen scratches as ive had a screen protector on since i bought it. (even before i played it lol). all games that dont have a case have a small game case and ill throw in a few extra of those aswell. and some extra stylusses if i can find em. i also have a pokemon silver version but the save doesnt always work . im in australia but will ship to the us (youd have to pay) im open to offers of cash, pedals, guitars (maybe). mainly cash as im going to buy some pedals. will get some pics up soon.
to sum it up heres what im selling:
nintendo ds lite black with stylus, charger and box
ds nintendogs labradour?
ds nintendogs yellow demo
ds worms open warefare 2 w/box and instructions
ds metroid prime hunters first hunt demo
gba pokemon fire red
gb pokemon silver
Why not? You can sell anything as long as its not illegal. The only thing you can't do is link eBay.

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FYI, Pokemon Silver won't play in this system, as they took the GB chip out of the DS Lites to save space.

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and you're correct. ignore the jan. '09 nubcake and proceed with your sale

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