What settings do you guys use on your amps? I use a 6505+ was just curious what you use.

Kinda like the tone knob at 12 o clock and kinda don't. Can't decide.

Using it to boost the lead channel btw. Thinking about getting one of the turbo ones. I also have a digitech od and digitech bad monkey.
Drive; 1 o'clock
Tone; 3 o'clock
Volume; 9 o'clock
Mode; TS9

Doesn't mess with volume(I've never played past 3 on my Blues Jr., so I've never felt the need to have it as a volume boost), adds plenty of bite to cut through really nicely without adding so much it becomes sharp and harsh, and distorts properly for everything from slight breakup to 70's/some 80's rock.

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Tone: 11-12 o clock
OD: Sometimes noon, sometimes all the way up
Level: All the way up
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tone at 10-11. max if on clean channel.
drive at max
level at 2 o clock. usually all the way up but i dotn have a noise suppressor so it gets noisy.
maxed out gain on amp.
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