Sometimes I had a bit of difficulty understanding what you were singing. I liked it though. The banjo was peaceful and the tone of your voice fit well with it. On the down side, the banjo does get irritative after a while. I'm sure that's just me, but I'd like to see some variations with an acoustic if possible. I think you would also benefit from an improved microphone as well. Your voice was very soft and lovely but it's not gettings its justice.
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This is a guitar community not Romper Room.
this is really great I agree completely with marchoso though... definitely need to put some variations of instrumental in I think classical guitar would fit very well, or go with the title a use a folk guitar...
hey thanks guys, yeah i actually have a couple songs recorded with an acoustic guitar i haven't put them up yet though. As far as the microphone goes, i don't have very much money some just using a pretty cheap one. I'm looking into buying a new one but im not sure what to get, any ideas for that would be awesome!
And to doctorfeelgood i use Adobe Audition on my laptop and run my microphone through various amps.
hey i put up a new song, i took your advice and there is some acoustic guitar in it so its not all just banjo.
Thank you
The music was beautiful! Your voice sounded a little off compared to some of the other songs but I still enjoyed it very much. You remind me a lot of Nick Drake.
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This is a guitar community not Romper Room.
hey thanks alot! im glad you liked it. I have never really listened to Nick Drake, i should check him out.
Hey so i have two brand new songs up, i was wondering what you guys thought about them?

it would be nice to get some feedback.
hey thanks man, well I'm in the process of recording stuff with my friend, im not sure when an album would be coming out but it probably wouldn't be until the summer time.
Also Im thinking about changing this thing into a band rather then a solo project, do you think that is a good idea?