What do you think, its a white super strat (slightly longer horns and easier access to 24 frets)
Heart beat inlays, similar to on an old ibanez sz, possibly have them lit up with leds, (think vais mojo)
stencil art on pickguard and headstock (poison and gas mask)
worn appearance (similar to relic style by fender)
rosewood fingerboard

Now the important stuff:
fat strat style with 7 way switching: + coil tap (work out how to do 7 way switching later, maybe 5-way + mini switch, ...ideas welcome )
bridge & middle
middle & neck
bridge & middle & neck
bridge & neck

floyd rose
24 frets
not sure of neck yet (thinking something like a esp horizon II style...)
and pups for classic metal but with good cleans, ...again ideas welcome
thinking a seymour duncan JB and either single coil or single coil sized humbuckers, not sure

i play iron maiden, dream theater, frusciante, mayer, etc...

So what do you think, what should i change, where should i get it done, (thinking ormsby at moment... im an aussie )

Basically going for a metal strat, trying to combine my fav guitars... ('62 vintage strat + esp horizon II) with my modifications...
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Put LEDs in the inlays... Do it.
Infact... Get LED's everywhere possible. But make sure you include on/off switches.. Or it could get a little annoying, mainly when trying to be ninja with your guitar in the dark.
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yeah, give ormsby guitars a call.
i havent had any dealings with them personally, but a lot of people ive talked to regarding them reckon they're the real deal
and from videos ive seen on *thinks* guitar world or something, he seems like a really approachable guy
give him your exact specifications and he'll do it for you
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the h/s/s is cool, you should have seperate volume and tone for the two singles, and the humbucker, if you have the room, for the 250k/500k dealies
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on the pickups i think you are over complicating the situation, my horision has a Seymour Duncan pickups in the bridge and neck positions and i can get virtually any sound i want, cause i can split the pickups etc i only a have single tone knob and a pickup selector. I like the idea of putting a horision II style neck on it mixing with a strat :P
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Get LP Addict to build one for ya, he'll do it the cheapest and it will look as awesome as hell

Plus you will get it about 3 weeks after you ask for it Even less maybe
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surely if you're thinking of single sized humbuckers....you could jus design it to have 2/3 humbuckers or a HSH design

I like the HSS idea as i think it looks better with the 24 fret neck and i believe, although i could be wrong that single coil sized humbuckers have a slightly different tone, im thinking janick gers style single coils...

I just love the JB in bridge, want at least one true single (mid) and aren't sure of neck...
A single would mean i could get frusciante tones better then pure humbuckers and have the thick neck tone for metal... but i like the sound of a maiden strat... hmm decisions

I also thought of maybe having black hardware... but couldn't easily update the picture... just another thought

I'll definitely look into LP Addict, but it might be expensive shipping to down under...
I think if i could get leds on the neck that light up in sequence to make it 'beat' it would be sweet...
do you like the graphics/color scheme? Opinions are all welcome
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id say go for an Ebony fretboard stained all black. then get green LEDs for the heartbeats. then they will contrast nicely(or better than with a rosewood fretboard).
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For your wiring, the mini switch would be the easiest option. I did the exact same setup to a friends guitar, it's just a neck on switch. Total cost was 2 bucks, and that was for the switch. What could be cool is to have the 5-way + neck on switch, and then throw a push pull pot in the volume spot and you could have a coil split for the humbucker.
If you can afford Ormsby, by all means, go for it.

It'll probably cost you a nice chunk of money and take a really long time considering how many other customs he has to build.
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i think the standard starting price for an Ormsby is about $2200 Au? Then it all usually adds up averaging about $3000 AU
so pups:
Bridge: SD JB
Mid: ?
Neck: Little '59

For mid i was thinking either a fender '62 vintage pup, a dimarzio area '58 or area '67 or a sd vintage staggered...

Not sure which at moment... want a frusciante, what you'd expect from a strat like tone that can do the jazz, blues single coil stuff... and works well with the 'buckers

would have 5-way switch:
Bridge & Mid
Mid & Neck

Plus a mini switch to turn bride pup on/off (as suggested by chip46)
also have coil tapping for bridge & neck
might add another volume pot and phase switching...

that should do for electronics, although new ideas are welcome

EDIT: Also wouldn't mind a mid boost... I'll think about that one

EDIT #2: Also a piezo bridge, i think that would be sweet
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ormsby would be the way to go from what i've seen and heard, but it is a nice chunk of change. I think he's backed up like five months before he can even take another order.