I'm looking for this sound:


I know there is a Line 6 that can make these sounds (the FM4 I believe) but there just isn't enough room on my pedalboard for it. Is there any other single pedals that make this effect? The Zvex goes for $300+ (USD) and I just want to make sure there isn't something less expensive.
I Dunno;


240 dollars, but this 1 sounds the best and is most versatile imo.

IT has so many option's and the sound quality is real authentic and warm, and it doesn't sound digital.

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Yeah...that one definitely has a warmer sound. I found a seek wah on ebay for $240 used...but I was still hoping to find something less expensive. I know they're well worth the money.
Surely there has to be an effect that will pull this off. I really don't want to buy the Line 6 just for the seek wah effect...but I don't want to spend $250+ for the Zvex.