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List your top 5 songs on your iPod.

1. Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix
2. Nothing left to say - Staind
3. Stevie ray vaughan - Pride and Joy
4. Welcome to the jungle - G n R
5. Parisienne walkways - Gary Moore
1) Holy Diver - Killswitch
2)Raining Blood - Slayer
3) Wherever I May Roam - Metallica
4) Show Me The Way - Black Tide (go on laugh)
5) Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
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1) Twin Chevron RMX- Sabrepulse
2) Aesthetics of Hate- Machine Head
3) No Leaf Clover- Metallica
4) My Michelle- G 'n R
5) I constantly thank go for esteban- P!ATD

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This isn't a "definitive" top 5, either. Just five I've listened to a lot.

1. SModcast 71: "Way of the Master"
2. "Knife Going In"- Tegan and Sara
3. "Manhattan Transfer"- Sabrepulse
4. "Seventh Wave"- Devin Townsend
5. "Bada Bing! Wit' a Pipe"- Four Year Strong
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i haven't got a ipod

on my mobile phone:

1. Led zeppelin - stairway to heaven
2. Jimi hendrix - Stepping stone
3. Guns 'n Roses - Patience
4. Bob Dylan - Shelter from the storm
5. Scorpions - No one like you
1. Between the Buried and Me - Backwards Marathon
2. City and Colour - What Makes a Man
3. Between the Buried and Me - Selkies
4. Between the Buried and Me - Mordecai
5. Between the Buried and me - Ants of the Sky.
Lol, I don't use it that much though.
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Born - Nevermore
Warrior Soul - Kiuas
Vacuity - Gojira
Coming Home - Alter Bridge
Epiphany - Staind

EDIT: In no particular order...

and i forgot BTBAM damnit!
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5 most listened to:

Gravemakers & Gunslingers - Coheed & Cambria
Who Watches the Watchmen? - The Prize Fighter Inferno
The Suffering - Coheed & Cambria
The Running Free - Coheed & Cambria
Everything Evil - Coheed & Cambria

My top played is a close list as Coheed's discography has pretty much the same amount of plays
1. Sleepwalker - Megadeth
2. Hump De Bump - Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. What I Got - Sublime
4. Ants of the Sky - Between the Buried and Me
5. Aesthetics of Hate - Machine Head
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Micro Cuts - Muse
Have A Cigar - Pink Floyd
Mojo Pin - Jeff Buckley
So Real - Jeff Buckley
Glorious - Muse
1-To Be Someone- The Jam
2-Baba O'Riley- The Who
3-Disorder- Joy Division
4-Kinky Afro- The Happy Mondays
5-Money- Pink Floyd
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From the Top 25 most played?

1. Cynic - Nunc Fluens
2. Cynic - The Space for This
3. Cynic - Evolutionary Sleeper
4. Cynic - Integral Birth
5. Cynic - The Unknown Guest
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Weird, my iPod must turn on overnight because my top 5 most played is:
(These songs are on the same albums ((obviously 2 albums here)))
1. Windowpane - Opeth
2. Ending Credits - Opeth
3. Hope Leaves - Opeth
4. What I Bleed Without You - Bleeding Through
5. On Wings of Lead - Bleeding Through

If I take the top 5 most played, but only include one from each band, it'd be:

1. Windowpane - Opeth
2. What I Bleed Without You- Bleeding Through
3. We Bow in its Aura - Veil of Maya
4. Robots 3 Humans 0 - Norma Jean
5. Bow Down - Born of Osiris (... LOL)
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1: Sick Salvation - Bloodbath
2: Moonlapse Vertigo - Opeth
3: Statutory Ape - The Black Dahlia Murder
4: Backwards Marathon - Between the Buried and Me
5: Remember Tomorrow - Iron Maiden
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Viridian - BTBAM
All Bodies- BTBAM
Selkies - BTBAM
Mordecai - BTBAM
Foam Born Part A - BTBAM

*Is not a fanboy* >_____>

My most played songs according to Last.FM:

Agalloch - Falling Snow
Quo Vadis - Silence Calls the Storm
Akercocke - Seduced
Eluveitie - Uis Elveti
Agalloch - Limbs
Falkenbach - Laeknishendr

The last 3 have the same amount of plays.
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List your top 5 songs on your iPod.

How can I see that?

I have a 16GB iPod Nano btw...latest update and all that...
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How can I see that?

I have a 16GB iPod Nano btw...latest update and all that...

Music > Playlists > Top 25 Most Played

- FJ

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If you find [balloons in his bedroom], it is a sign that Satan may have taken your child by the hand and skipped off together to see the movie, Up without your knowledge.

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Music > Playlists > Top 25 Most Played

I only have On-The-Go in my Music > Playlists subdirectory
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This one dream involved me, one random girl, midgets and a pie.

...and midgets ended up f*cking her. I got the pie.

Girl Talk-Shut the Club Down

Black Star-Definition

Damian Marley-The Mission

Andrew Jackson Jihad-Rejoice

1. Out The Back - The Whitlams
2. Cries Too Hard - The Whitlams
3. Peaches - Presidents of The United States Of America
4. Black Cherry - Goldfrapp
5. Lover, You Should Have Come Over - Jeff Buckley
1. In the Unblind - Killswitch Engage
2. Battery - Metallica
3. December - Shadows Fall
4. Jump In the Fire - Metallica
5. Damage Inc. - Metallica

I like Metallica =/
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1. The Legacy - Iron Maiden
2. One - 'Tallica
3. Run to the hills - Iron Maiden
4. November Rain - Guns n' roses
5. Gears of war - Megadeth
1. Futterman's Rule - Beastie Boys
2. In A Million Years - Angerfist
3. Alright Hear This - Beastie Boys
4. Hold It Now, Hit It - Beastie Boys
5. Flute Loop - Beastie Boys

too much beastie boys
1. That's the Way- Led Zeppelin
2. Ulysses- Franz Ferdinand
3. Great Gig in the Sky- Pink Floyd
4. Electric Feel- MGMT
5. Wind Cries Mary- Jimi Hendrix

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walk out in the rain - clapton
Time And A Word Teakbois Owner Of A Lonely Heart [Live] - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
princess of the universe - queen
needle and the damage done - neil young
folsom prison bleus - johny cash
"I've seen the needle
and the damage done
A little part of it in everyone
But every junkie's
like a settin' sun."
Caught in a Mosh - Anthrax
Beyond The Dark Sun - Wintersun
Born - Nevermore
I Am The Law - Anthrax
Fermented Offal Discharge - Necrophagist
1.Dave Matthews Band – Say Goodbye (Live)
2.Shwayze – Corona and Lime
3.Metallica – Master of Puppets (Live)
4.Girl Talk – Play Your Part (Pt.2)
5.The Beatles – In My Life
i just have it on shuflle most of the time

1- James taylor-Something In The Way She Moves
2- Guns N' Roses-My Michelle
3- Guns N' Roses-There Was a Time
4- Lynyrd Skynyrd-Honky Tonk Night Time Man
5- Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Funky Monks
1 mordecai - btbam
2 six strings down - bb king
3 the blackest incarnation - the black dahila murder
4 we are all on drug - weezer
5 no body move, no body gets hurt - we are scientists
1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Moya
2. Hot Cross - Pretty Picture of a Broke Face
3. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 09-15-00
4. The Kodan Armada - Short Walks Down Long Roads
5. Boris - Pink
1. Killing in the Name-RATM
2. Santeria-Sublime
3. Halftime-Nas
4. Legalize It-Peter Tosh
5. Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd
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The 80's Song - UnderOATH
You're So Intricate - UnderOATH
Hit 'em Up - Tupac
Moving Mountains - Thrice
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today

I listen to these songs at least once everyday.
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1. Bleed - Meshuggah
2. New Millennium Cyanide Christ - Meshuggah
3. Omgyjyga-switch7 - Aphex Twin
4. 10,000 Days (Wings pt. 2) - Tool
5. Acrid Avid Jam Shred - Aphex Twin

I kinda took this from iTunes' play count thing, connected to my iPod. I picked a few that were more than a minute long/not my own material.
1. Hysteria - Muse
2. Time is Running Out - Muse
3. Shrinking Universe - Muse
4. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 - Coheed and Cambria
5. Time Served - Dispatch

Not a whole lot of variety. My top 25 primarily consists of those three bands.
1. For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield
2. Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
3. Take the Money and Run - Steve Miller Band
4. Roadhouse Blues - The Doors
5. Jailbreak - AC/DC
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