I just want to know if it can be done... or are the DiMarzio pickups designed for stratocasters only?
single coil = no, and why?
humbucker= yes
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you could put any pickup in any guitar if youre willing and able to. the real question is could you mod a gibson like that with a clean consience. if you want single coil sound in a les paul (i wont even ask why) you could always get a couple of 4 lead humbuckers and put coil taps on them and save it from the router. seymour duncan makes P-90s that are humbucker sized so there would be no routing going on and they look really cool. theyre covered in gold or chrome like a traditional humbucker but the pole pieces go down the middle. you will get many double takes from other guitarists. i would only go so far as to put the coil taps in or maybe a phat cat in the neck. if you really want single coil sound you could always just save up and buy a strat and have the best of both worlds. i wouldnt go trying to make something thats so expensive and so painstakingly built to make a certain tone as a les paul sound like anything but itself.
Duncan Phat Cat P90 in the neck and P-Rails in the bridge with the appropriate switch for changing from humbucker/blade SC/P90
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