So my guitar hanger failed me last night resulting in busting the bottom half of the top off the plastic body of my Applause AE128. Nothing visible is cracked so i can probably just glue it back together. Anyway. It's currently clamped down until i figure out what I want to do with it. I think it's an easy fix with some glue but i'm wondering if i should take this as an oppoprtunity to modify it.
So there are a few things i'm wondering if i can/should do.

1. Is there anything I can palce on the inside of the body (fabrics, woods, etc) that'll make the guitar resonate more or give it a deeper tone?(This has always been an idea for a project i've always wanted to do with this guitar.)
2. Would it be a good idea to change to top to a different wood? (It's currently a spruce top which i'm happy with, but it's just an idea.)
3. While i'm modding the guitar, I was wondering if i can sand the neck to a smaller size? The neck is fine, but i wouldn't mind a smaller/faster neck.

So that's it. I hope I can get as much feed back as possible. And if anyone has any suggestions on what to do to it other than what was mentioned then i'd be happy to hear it. I'll be checking back on this about 6 hours from now because I have school. Thanks in advance.
I don't have a camera on me at the moment. I'll try to get those within a few hours. But aside from that. do you think I can do any of those modifications? I know how to fix it, i'm just wondering if I can change some things.
Sketch us a drawing of this modification we in the GB&C ar'nt to picky when it comes to Pics. We just need Pics........I don't know of what could be put in the body to make it sound "deeper" but I imagine you could....uhhh....ummm.....I got nothing.
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