so, i got paid the other day, and i'm in the mood to expand my rig. I was thinking about buying a delay and a fuzz, but i'm unsure about what to get.

i really would like some sort of digital delay, like a boss dd7 or line 6 dl4. the reason is i want something with long delay times, for use in solos with overlapping echos (think Hysteria by Muse) and generally, just to add some density to my sound. having a huge number of different features, like tape and ping pong, isn't really important, i just want a solid delay pedal with a tap tempo and good delay times.

the fuzz is a completely different story. the shop i go to has a few hand built pedals buy a company called MOEN, based in Hong Kong. they make a fuzz called the Moo Fuzz. It's pretty similar to a Big Muff, but the tone is a little more aggressive. I like the tone, but, i play a lot of different music, with a lot of different fuzz tones and i find both the moo and the Big Muff are missing something in their tone.

Some of the bands that i play which use fuzz include Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Wolfmother, Fu Manchu, Goldfinger, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, the list goes on. I know there's no real jack of all trades fuzz pedal, except possibly the Fuzz Factory, but, that is around 400$ over here( i live in Malaysia), and that's for the vexter version. That's way too expensive for a fuzz pedal, no matter how cool it is. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or should i just ignore the parts of the Muff that i don't like and buy either the moo or the muff?
Matthew Bellamy uses the fuzz factory (don't anyone say, "he only uses it on like 5 songs", because, he uses it on A LOT of their songs, if not ALL of them with electric guitar in them), i have no idea what fuzz Fu Manchu use (something digital i think), and i'm not sure about wolfmother, the wolfmother bassist does, not sure about the guitarist. The others use some form of muff, the only problem is they all seems to get very different tones out of them, which leads me to believe they use different versions of the muff (there's so many, its hard to tell really).
If you like that fuzz you played, buy it. If it's handmade it'll probably be decent. For a delay; I have the DD-7, it's a nice delay but if you don't need looping or tap tempo you'd better get a DD-3 or maybe even an analog delay. Don't know if there's one with as much delay time you'd like.
I suggest the Way Huge Swollen Pickle Fuzz. Its tons versital and a great sounding, fun pedal. For delay I'd look at the new Digitech Hardwire Delay.
You could look at one of the Analogman Fuzzes. They sound great and they should ship to Malaysia.
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the line 6 dl4 is freaking brilliant IMO. i couldnt afford it and got the echo park but i am still really pleased with it. i don't really know much about fuzz.