I was looking to move up from my crappy beginner's guitar to something that will help me become a better player and give me better quality (mostly for studio recordings). As far as genre of music, I typically am all over the place, so what good guitars should I look into that is versatile, good quality, and a reasonable price (as in, best bang for my buck; I don't mind paying extra for good quality). Any suggestions? Thanks
I would look into Les Paul's and Stratocasters. To me they are the most versatile guitars.
Not really easily doable unless you specify a budget... i mean a PRS would be awesome and versatile... but not cheap at all.

But then again a fat strat or something would probably be appropriate
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Thanks for the suggestions so far;

As far as price range goes, I'm willing to pay from $500-1500, about. I'm also looking for something that will last me a very long time; something durable that I can take around with me and not have to worry about maintaining all the time.

I don't really know much about guitars at all besides what the parts of it are called, and have only been playing for about a year, but am pretty determined to be playing for the rest of my life.

Know any website where I can get really good reviews that might help me? Besides the ones here on UG.
You could look into buying a few magazines, and looking around on ebay for guitars you like the look of, and then read reviews/try them out. Another good thing would be to check what guitars your favourite bands play.

oh, inb4 get a new amp.
What do you like in a guitar?

Scale lengths - 24-3/4" (eg. Gibson) , 25-1/2" (eg. Fender) or 25" (eg. PRS)
Fingerboard material - natural wood (Ebony, Rosewood) or finished wood (Maple)
Neck joint styles - bolton, set neck or thru body.
Bridge styles - fixed or tremolo (if tremolo locking HW or no locking HW)
Pickup types - singlecoil, humbucker or P90
PU configurations - Dual HB, HSS, SSS etc
Controls -master volume/tones vs individual controls for each PU
Body Style - carved top vs flat top, single cut away vs dual cut away
Body finish - solid colours vs stain/see thru
Tone woods - mahogany, maple, ash, korina etc

If you can answer these questions with your preferences you'll have an idea what kind of guitar to look at!

People often choose guitars based on appearance first and don't consider what would feel comfortable to them or have what they really like. The guitar is your instrument so pick one that you'll enjoy playing.
Moving on.....
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the guitar you like best is right for you.
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A versatile guitar is probably a Fat Strat but if you're that inexperienced and not at all sure of what the guitar is all about, I think I'd be very wary of spending as much as $1500. As your experience with the guitar grows your musical ear will develop and you will develop more specific ideas about what you like and dislike. You don't want to find yourself a year or two down the line with an expensive guitar that doesn't ideally suit you.
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I would also be careful about spending alot of money until you are experienced to know exactly what you want. You may find for the mean time just a good work horse guitar will suit you like a Fender MIM strat, PRS SE range etc. They are much better than starter guitars and if you find you out grow them then you will be experienced enough to know exactly what you want. They will also have reasonable resale values as well if you chose to sell them when you upgrade.