I've been trying to narrow down my choices for my next guitar. Both are fairly expensive but fairly nice. On one hand, I've got the...

Fender Strat VG - A standard strat with 3 single coil pickups but with an added battery powered Roland pickup that allows the Fender to have 37 different kinds of tones. Ranging from Strat, Tele, Humbucker, Acoustic, 12 string and tunings like Std, Drop D, Open G, Open D, Baritone, & DADGAD.

The other is...

PRS CE-22 - Paul Reed Smith guitar made with a maple neck and mahogany body. 2 EMG Dragon II pickups, Tremelo system, locking tuners, Quilt maple top with Whale Bone Finish, Bird inlays, and alot more.

The PRS is my dream guitar, but the VG is more effective to my setup. I use 3 guitars in my setup now: 1 acoustic, 1 strat (std tuning), 1 washburn, (open e tuning). The new guitar would probably replace my strat since it's a MEX made. I need some help. Which do you think is the better buy?
The VG strat would take a lot of hassle out of changing around and whatever at gigs.

But if the PRS is your dream guitar then get that.
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If the VG is really just an MIA Strat with the Roland PU added, I'd go for the PRS! You've already got one Strat type guitar so the PRS will add a new sound & feel to your music. Both are good guitars of course but I'm knid of partial to Gibson styles & appointments vs Strats and PRS bases his designs on Gibson styles with his improvements added in.
Moving on.....
Thanks for the input. I am leaning more towards the PRS. PRS, with the locking tuners, is bound to keep it in tune better too. The Mexi strat falls out of tune every 3 minutes.
for the love of god, the PRS. it'll sound better, and the VG will get outdated after a certain amount of time.
PRS definatly, im a fender fanboy but ive never liked the VG
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If you like the VG, you'll probably be better off with a Roland Ready strat (they made them a while back) or any other guitar with a GK-2 or GK-3 pickup and a VG-99; it can do pretty much anything.
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never heard of the other roland model guitars. But yeah, the more and more posts i see, the more it's re-affirming me to get that PRS. I've heard that it actually has some strat tones that come out of it, on certain rotary switches settings. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the help again.
PRS!!! i got a ce-24 with the HS2 and vintage bass pickups and its fckn amazing. play it first though
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