hey i need to get responses from people about a social injustice that i picked to do a report on for school. its very important so could you please read on and comment? thanks!!

In many parts of L.A., the divide between a rich and a poor neighborhood is very clear to see. If you were to stop and really look, you would see much more than the obvious things like better houses, schools, and cleaner communities. Specifically, I am referring to how poor communities are flooded with unhealthy fast food restaurants while wealthy neighborhoods have everything they need to live a healthy, active life.

Wealthy neighborhoods have such a smaller percentage of fast food restaurants when compared to a poor community. Wealthy neighborhoods have healthy alternatives to the junk that is served to the poor.

Poor neighborhoods have many disadvantages as it is but the difficulties faced by the people residing are pushed even further by having an abundance of fast food and a lack of facilities to ensure good health. Poor neighborhoods are flooded with trans-fats, oil, and a variety of greases, all of which shorten lives and almost ensures medical complications. Giving opportunities to living a healthy life to a select few is not only wrong, but is a slap in the face to the rest of the people in L.A. who are not fortunate enough to be a part of the privilege of the wealthy.

It has come to my attention that L.A. has come up with a law to stop any new fast food restaurants from popping up in L.A., a lot more could still be done.

Please, voice your opinion on this injustice and help bring it to an end.

Thanks again!!
Without injustice, our superheroes would be out of business.

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...And Injustice for all
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In the mean time... Poor people are more likely to eat fast food anyway because it's what they can afford. Businesses go where the business is, man. You give a poor guy McDonald's and an expensive steakhouse, and where's really the choice here?


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injustice is bad mmmkay
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What's stopping the poor from eating over there?

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