Hi, I have been playing acoustic for about 6 months and have always wanted to get an electric. I'm quite good considering its only been 6 months, and I want to buy an allround electric guitar. I play lots of different styles, so a versitile guitar would be ideal. I don't really know where to start! I don't want to buy a complete beginner's guitar because I don't want to outgrow it in a year or two. I have about £350-£400, and that is for a good amp for home use and any other things I need to buy with the guitar (I don't know what these could be!).

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Well, you could get a Fender Standard Strat, which runs at about £250-£300, so you might not be able to get a decent amp if you get one of them. So, what I'd do is get a Squier Vintage Modified HSS Strat (High end Squiers are pretty decent, don't think they are a beginners guitar company) and a Roland Microcube/Cube 20 or whatever youre budget will allow.

Another guitar to consider, which is a really good guitar, is the Yamaha Pacifica 112, which does kick major arse. I'd probably get that over the Squier.
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I've found this Les Paul package:


does anyone know if it's any good?

avoid packaged at all cost.
they're never as good as a guitar and amp bought separatly.

i'd get a fender standard strat, and something like a Roland cube (but not the micro cube) or a vox valvetronix.
i've been looking at review and stuff, and apparently marshall amp is good? u know the one for £50?
Avoid any cheap Marshalls. They are nothing like the Marshall amps that your favorite bands use.

In your price range, I'd look at getting a used guitar, like a Fender Strat HSS or a Yamaha Pacifica HSS, or maybe like a used Epiphone G400. For amp, I would recommend the Roland Cube 30X.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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