who's going? this lineup ****ing rules, most of my favorite bands are playing and even a few local from my area

United Blood Festival 2009
March 27th and 28th

10 Walnut Alley
Richmond VA

> bad seed
> bitter end
> ceremony
> cold world
> converge
> convicted
> cro mags
> cruel hand
> foundation
> forfeit
> have heart
> heathens
> mind eraser
> mother of mercy
> naysayer
> reign surpreme
> rise and fall
> strength for a reason
> title fight
> trapped under ice
> trash talk
> war hungry
+ a couple more announced shortly
Where is it?
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A show in VA without DTN?! What is the world coming to?

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Where is it?

did you really just ask that? its right in front of you
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yeah that lineup is just what i copied from the UBF myspace so i;m sure its missing afew
I want to go soooo damn bad. If I don't have good grades my parents probably won't let me though :/.