After a lengthy 12 hour jamming session, the index finger on my left hand has begun to bleed... hence the reason why I'm wasting time on this forum instead of playing on my guitar.

I'm NOT seeking medical advice before you report me, but I was wandering if the whole finger bleeding problem has happened to YOU... tell me your wacky stories!
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Happened when I was first learning to play... Now my fingers only "hurt" a lot when I do my 8 hour Jam Sessions with my band...

It's painfull and I couln't play for days when it first happened, a bit of a waste.
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i was fingering my girlfriend, and my finger begun to bleed. i thought she had a snake in her vag

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Yup. Don't restring your guitar with cheesewire folks.

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12 hours...
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i cut off my fingertip with a butcher knife at work once and went home and played guitar. im more hxc than you!
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Began to bleed.
Your fingers have began to bleed.
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I have made my hand bleed, but that was due to a string snapping.

I once chopped the top off my left hand pointing finger with a mountain bike disc rotor. Took about 2 years before the scar stopped hurting when I played guitar. Not really ideal...
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Your band must really suck if you need to do 12 hour jams.
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Yup. Don't restring your guitar with cheesewire folks.

No...restring it with BARBED WIRE! The manly guitar string!
I find people who play till they bleed stupid even though i respect the commitment.

After a while you don't get better, and top it all off you have a bleeding finger. While you're out waiting for your fingers to heal, you're just wasting potential practice time if you ask me.

Sadly, it has happened to me. But that was cause i cut my nails a bit too much and then did a bend. The string proceeded to cut into my finger and went under my nail, spewing blood

Not to forget the time my thumb died when i was trying to learn slap bass. Hypocrisy for the win !!!
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I love the satisfaction you get from slicing your fingers open after a long while of guitar.

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