Two questions: If a wood supplier says that wood is supplied in the rough, does that mean it just isn't sanded smooth, or something else?

Next question: I need to find good single coils pickups for my new project guitar. Three single coils. I'll be playing everything from blues to hard rock, NOT metal. Please recommend some good Bareknuckle models if you can, because I can get Barknuckles for the same price if not lower than other pickups say, Seymour Duncan. This is cause I live in England. I'll be playing these through a Lacewood or similar tone and weight body. Either Lacewood or Bubinga or Wenge, provided I can get the stuff.

Thanks for the help.
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No, you can't get bareknuckles for the same price as seymour duncans. Otherwise, every british person would be doing it. And it all down to personal preference.
Can you give us some more details about what sound you are after?
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Can you give us some more details about what sound you are after?

I'd like to get a good Hendrix sound, along with pretty good rock and blues.

EDIT: Since I didn't really give much information;
Recently I've been trying to get a good distortion with emphasized sounds. My humbuckers work great for some stuff, but not what I'm looking for now. I want a distortion that has a good balanced sound but emphasized treble. Something like that.
superman is killing himself tonight
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