Hi i started playing guitar about 2 weeks ago, so far i am learning oasis wonderwall, robin thcike lost without you, and Kooks - Sway and ooh laa

i was wondering if you guys can help me out by linking some tabs/tutorial videos of some more simple but popular music

i LOVE the kooks, so any stuff by them

Robin thicke is my idol, anything by him

or anything easy but a good play

try looking around youtube for lessons. there are always interesting things there. also, this site has some songs with a video lesson option
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i thought this was a personal post to me :p firstly i would try to learn some chords? loads of lessons on this site.
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im looking for links to vids etc for decent tabs, from kooks and thicke etc please...ead my post thanks
I don't know what type of "guitarist" your trying for or the intent of your post
......but if you trying to really learn how to play guitar...
1. learn chords 2. learn scales
and if you want to learn/practice the basics (backbone) of guitar checC out my thread:

if your just trying to play your fav. songs......well just excuse all previous ^^^^^^
like previously said >>>SEARCH YouTube<<< I can almost gurantee you will find what you want.......if your trying to learn your fav. songs

Good Luck :-)
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nah, don't listen to them about "Learn chords" "then learn scales" "then 10 years from now you can play a song"

Then you'll never get started, get bored, and then quit.

This is exactly what is happening in piano lessons these days. Please don't bring this sort of attitude to guitar.

Here is a list of some very easy songs to play:

"Learning to Fly" - Tom Petty
"Good Riddence" - Green Day
"Undone - The Sweater Song" - Weezer
"Today" - Smashing Pumpkins
Soo......im guessing he shouldn't learn music theory and such? and learn exactly why what sounds like what.......and why things work and why it doesn't? (which will prob. help him learn his fav. songs faster, once built on the basic foundations of it)
I suggest this.......because sometimes bad playing/learning habits form......and then when you want to actually learn chords/scales/technical/etc....its harder to break out of them and learn the correct way

But.......I dnt look down on anyone....if he just want to learn how to play his fav. songs, and things like that......I don't blame him or care
I gave him both methods (examples) in my post.....the "classical method" and the "practical method" in my post

I mean me myself......I choose a more hybrid approach to my learning......I want to learn my fav. songs, but at the same time I want to learn music theory and such.....
It all depends on the person

"Practical" vs. "Classically"

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beat it - michael jackson
simple man - lynnyrd skynnyrd
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yeah just list popular and easy songs pls........kooks, K.O.L and robin thicke would be nice also.