Okay, so it's crunch time.

University's fast approaching next year. My question is this:

Do you apply for scholarships outside of the ones your school offers? Do you write essays to win money for school? I'd like an honest answer please. I mean, it's no big deal if I win or not, but I'm just wondering if many people even bother with them? It feels like I'm the only one even considering writing them (at least, out of the people I know).

What's the point even? I mean, a $2000 cash prize could help considerably, but like, the reason I'm going is to secure a good job or career for the future, so I can pay them back without too much worry.

Besides, I'm working to save on my own as well - I've already nearly got $5000 saved on my own - it's a small dent, but by the time I get to school next September, it should be around $8000.

NOTE: Please, please, please, do not answer if you're some little immature 14 year old kid who has no idea what they're on about. I'd rather those university/college-bound people or people who are already attending post-secondary school answer instead.

I shouldn't ask the Pit, but I'm at my wit's end here, so I GUESS it's worth a shot...
money is money and if all you have to do to get it is write some bs essay then its easy money. so y not?
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to be honest, i think $2000 is a good enough reason to bother, even if you think you can pay back later. for a start, there'll be $2000 less to pay back, which means more stuff for you later on and all you had to do was write a few essays for it! well worth it in my opinion

(i'm at sheffield uni btw and i wish i'd done some extra stuff for money before i came here)
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I take into account the amount of time it would take me to write the essay and my likelihood of winning.

Making $2000 for a 2 hour essay breaks down like this.

multiply your chance of winning by the prize. let's say 1% for some of the best scholarships. some scholarships can give you an even smaller chance of winning.

$2000 X 1% = $20. if you spent 2 hours writing it, you got paid $10 an hour, for hard work. Statistically you might as well just work for minimum wage at an easy no-thinking job.

So unless you are a very gifted writer, or the scholarship is very limited by nature and there will not be very many entrants, it is not worth it. Of course though, if you can use the same essay in lots of scholarships it becomes more worth it.

and if you have an essay from class that you can use then you would be a fool not to.

As for myself, I did not enter any essay scholarship contests. I HATE writing essays, and would rather work extra hours than write. I did enter one at my dad's work that only depends on GPA.
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Alright, I'm actually surprised at the quality of responses I'm getting here!

Well, I've begun an essay and already, ideas are forming rapidly... it actually isn't that hard.

I've been told multiple times by my teachers that I am a very good writer, and I won the Writer's Award at my high school graduation, so...

Thing is, I look at all the past winners and they seem to be either 4th year university students or graduates of university, which makes me think I have no chance in hell.

So like, I guess I could always also write essays and scholarship entires while attending uni, as well... it looks plausible... I think I've got it in my head that I need to do all of them before I even go off to school.

Thanks everyone, and if you have anything more to say, say it.