RBF put out an album last week with 10 cover songs…including Poison’s “Nothing But A Good Time.”

I’ve been a fan of the band for a long time...definitely marking this album down as one of my favorites currently. Besides the album, my other more recent favorite amusing things are people falling. And Voila – A combination of the two!
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Their new album isn't their best, my 2 favorites are Cheer Up! and Turn The Radio Off. A special mention should go to their live album, there is some good stuff on there (the many versions of S.R spring to mind) and I'm seeing them 1 week today!
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I have it. It's awesome!
I think i've got all of the albums, but im not 100% sure so dont quote me!
I'm seeing them in Birmingham on the 13th

EDIT: My favourite is without a doubt, their cover of Poison's Talk Dirty To Me.

Also, I can't see the picture either
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one dream of mine is to play baroque and roll.

i dont quite know what it is, but i assume it involves plenty of harpsichord solos and medieval chanting.

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