should i buy a chromatic harp which plays in every key or buy a set of diatonic harp, i saw a set of 7 in major and a set of 12 which it never said the key on amazon, how many keys are there and what ones would you suggest i buy. little help here please, i have a blues harp in c and a holder but it leaves me stuck with those chords, cheers
set of 12 will cover every key i wouldve thought. Depends how much you wanna spend and if your gonna use em all
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Taking the time to learn about keys could be a good step before you make a purchase? With a chromatic harmonica you can play every note as with most other instruments and then you won't be severely restricted in what you play on it. Buying a set of 12 would be in all major keys, but whilst it seems to offer the same possibilities as a chromatic harp, you'll find it quite the challenge if you want to get adventurous with your playing (like using scales which aren't major scales or major scale modes (unless you really like bending notes)). If you're serious about learning harmonica get a chromatic one, but if you'd just like one to play around with every now and then it'd be easier to get the set of 12 in all the major keys.
i was thinking of buying a chromatic harp, sounds more interesting, the one i saw said its able to be played in any key but wikipedia said they come in either C or G and are able to be played in any key ( bit confused ) also would you say the chromatic one has a better quality sound, it said they are more for classical and jazz where diatonic is for blues. and can u only play single notes with the chromatic, is it easy to figure out how to play it, it has a switch or something on it to change key? thanks
The only time you would need a chromatic harp is probably in an intense jazz or classical situation. They're for more advanced players.
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