Hi. I'm in my country's capital for one day and I'm going to buy some good new pair of pickups for my guitar. I play mostly post-hardcore-screamo but I like to play some heavier and lighter stuff too. I listen mostly to From First to Last, Saosin, Silverstein, Chiodos, Enter Shikari, Fear Before the March of Flames, Idiot Pilot, The Fall of Troy, The Used and so on.

I must say I'm looking for humbruckers only, and I was thinking about DiMarzio, But there are so many models that I found myself a little lost after a while.

My guitar is an Epiphone G310 Emily the strange edition.

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Do you mean pickups?..
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you mean pickups....
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I love how in 10 years, genres names are going to be completely ridiculous.

it'll be like, post-post-hardcore post-screamo *insert new silly word here*

Maybe we'll be back to actual music by then.

Like rock.

And who knows, maybe he puts little microphones under his strings.
Into the flood again...
It was a little confusion with my native lenguage. We call just mics to the pickups. But hey, they are mostly mics too. What I find quite funny is how three persons just posted 3 flame posts just to do it, without saying nothing really useful. I think my main post is pretty clear itself. And what's your problem with the post-hardcore/screamo? Too many people trying too be smart today.
I have a Vox AD50VT and I'm pretty happy with it.
Should I get a better guitar instead of new pickups?
But I totally love the look of the guitar...what do you recommend? Should I get a G400? or what else in the price range o a G400 or G400 Custom?