Okay okay, hi it's lee. Haven't been on these forums for a while i've been busy with GCSE's at school and coursework.
My birthday is in March, and i already earnt £130 from selling stuff at school. I will be carrying on selling toward my new acoustic aswell

So what i'm posting here for is advice on good acoustic guitars. One that is not crap sounding, one with good tone and feel that will last me good until i go pro haha.

Price range: Well, min here thinking £200 and pushing max i'd have to say £500 which is incredibly a lot for a 14 year old me

So please, post advice on guitars give reviews etc. Tell me how they feel, how you felt when you played it and just its all round qualities?


I've seen like the Dreadnought styles? But basically just say what you think is good. Then i can narrow it down in the shops play them see which one suits me best
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I recently picked up an Epiphone EJ-200 for 217quid, sounds amazing and the necks sexual (and it looks pretty tasty aswell)...but if your willing to pay up to 500 then I'm sure you will be able to get a much better guitar

It's probably worth while just spending a day at your guitar shop playing all the acoustics in your price range that way you get a feel for how they all play and sound for your self as opposed to just going on what all the reviews say

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Ovation. Look at the prices from Thomann and try them out locally. All but their entry level stuff will get you noticed for their looks and their sound.
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www.harmonycentral.com has tonnes of reviews.

The only thing I would warn against Ovation is the round back will slide off your lap if you tent to sit and play. I had one for years when I was gigging and it was fine strapped and standing. Once I stopping gigging and started playing in a seated position more often, I had to sell the Ovation as it was just too frustrating.
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i have no idea how much they sell for over there but i will never play anything but a segull. they can be had for $300 here.
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