UG is the only music site I go on, so idk where else to go.

I'm buying a set, but I don't know which is better for metal.


A double bass kit (2 bass drums) or a regular 5 piece kit with a double bass pedal.

thanks in advance.
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Use www.pearldrummersforum.com(I go there for my drum stuff)

Double bass drums and double bass pedals are pure preference. A 5 piece kit with double pedals will be cheaper though.
Id get the double bass pedal, cheaper and takes up less room.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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unless your prepared to pay and want your kit to look awesome, get 2 bass drums, but if not then Double Bass Pedal will be fine..

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if you want to talk about drums, my friend nicolas "the humanity" started a drum forum rebellion group because of the absense of such a forum. you can look him up and join the group. a lot of people have already joined