Ok, I'm relatively new to electric guitars, and I have been strangely fortunate to get a Fender Strat, of which I have no clue what model/year it is, just that it's a Fender Strat (any idea where to find model nrs? I've looked all around the guitar but I can't find em). Naturally I'm pretty damn happy with it. I got a fender amp with it (Super Champ XD) and the first solo's are coming out of it relatively ok

I'm just a bit fuzzed about the sound. I've got the amp checked before because I didn't think it sounded anywhere close to what I find on video's around the web. Now, naturally there's alot of things that can influence the sound of a guitar, but I've pretty much ruled out the amp after excessive testing.

One thing I was wondering is related to the state the Strat was in when I got it. It had been in someone's attic for a couple of years so it's quite worn with tears and scratches (gives it a nice vintage look hehe). The strings were very old and I had to replace the pickup switch cause it was buzzing when switched to middle and neck pickup combinations. I cleaned it up as best I could, but I was reading around the other day about pickups and how they can rust. I was wondering wether its lengthy stay on someone's attic might have influenced the pickups so that the sound of the guitar is alot more grainy than I think it should sound?