Hi I'm looking for a guitar in the $700usd range. I like to play metal. I'm wanting a non-bolt on neck. Decent high output humbuckers. Rosewood or Ebony fretboard. Binding is nice really nice. Maby a floyd rose style trem if its decent. I got a B-52 At-100 half stack and a nice pedal board full of goodies if that helps any. This may sound stupid but im a big guy 6 foot 7 inches tall around 260 pounds. So smaller bodied guitars look stupid on me. Like toothpicks. Thanks in advance guys/girls.
EVL-K6 but leave one for me.
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If you can bump it up another $50 you might wanna look into an ESP/LTD EX-401DX if you dont mind the "Explorer" body style.
Maybe an Epi Les Paul Standard or Custom with new pickups?
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