Since every other amp manufacturer seems to have its own thread in here, I figured it was only suiting to start the Blackstar thread... This thread will be much like the others in that it will be used for discussion of the amps, questions about them, reviews, settings, and the like... Everyone who is interested in Blackstar or who have played one, any model, can feel free to chime in and give your thoughts, opinions, and general questions or concerns...

I will start off...

As you all know, I own an HT-5 mini stack... This amp retails for $499 new here in the states, not sure of outside the US, and is available from GC and MF as far as I know... It can be purchased in a couple of different forms; head version, combo version, and the mini stack... The combo and mini stack are loaded with Celsetion G10N-40 speakers and I believe that both are closed backs, I know the 110 speaker cabs are but Im not sure about the combo version... It has a 3 band EQ and ISF control to allow for adjusting the "tightness" of the amp... The ISF control is a pretty nifty little feature in that it allows you to go from a spongier British feel to a more modern tight American style tone... It also has two channels, clean and OD, which are footswitchable (the footswitch is included with the stack and head I believe but Im not sure about the combo)... It has a clean master volume control and the OD channel has a master and gain control... The amp runs on only two tubes (12BH7 pre-amp and 12AX7 (ECC83) power-amp, both are stock Electro-Harmonix) and produces 5 watts of output... It also has an emulated line out that is switchable between 112 and 412 voicings and can be used for direct recording or silent practice with headphones... It also has a built in effects loop with it own level switch and the head has 8 and 16 ohm outputs....

Overall this amp is very amazing and very versatile... It has a beautiful clean tone and a wide variety of OD tones thanks to the ISF control... I play alot of metal and this amp actually handles it very well... It also handles blues and classic rock really well too... And for 5 watts its plenty loud enough to rehearse with even gig if you mic it... My only beef with it is that it does not have a built in reverb which was a draw back for me almost resulting in me not buying the amp, but for the reverb enthusiasts you can always buy a pedal... All in all though, I give this amp 4.5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone looking for low wattage amps...

There is a video review of this amp in my sig... Its not the greatest and I will post some new ones when I can, but for now it will give you an overall feel for the amp...

So now, let the reviews and questions begin....
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Was very interested in the Series One amps, and just in case anyone in here was wondering, they'll cost upwards of £800 (I think it said 800 to 1000, i've deleted the e-mail now :sad and they'll be released in the coming months
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Lets keep this thread going. Im considering getting one with my tax refund, although there is a wait time on it........
i love the HT-drive pedal i have and i want to sell my tiny terror and get the HT-5 combo...

i cant wait.
Thank you please.
I bought an HT-5 combo a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I do mainly blues and cleans while learning and it sounds great. It also sounds pretty good through the headphone socket.
I have yet to try mine through the emulated line out... I want to, but I dont have a converter socket for my headphones or to line out record...

And yeah, right now there is a wait time on it if you order it... GC tried to keep them stocked, but apparently they sell out of them really quickly... Best bet to get one now is to try and find a place that has them in stock...
I played one at GC a bunch of times... unfortunately someone bought the floor model so its not on display anymore but it was pretty sick... could get some really heavy tones imo with a OD in front o f the drive channel.
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I've been interested in the HT-5 but no local shops have them.....

My only worry is that they will sound like the HT pedals, just with a power amp and speaker built in???

Do they give enough gain for metal? (I just sold a Dist-X pedal cos I got bored of it..)
Does it have enough power to be heard over a drummer clean.
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Does it have enough power to be heard over a drummer clean.

If you're just jamming, maybe. But at a gig. No
How are the HT pedals? My Classic 50 doesn't do well being boosted on the occasions where I need higher gain, so I need an actual distortion pedal with plenty of gain on tap.


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Quote by fergus74
I've been interested in the HT-5 but no local shops have them.....

My only worry is that they will sound like the HT pedals, just with a power amp and speaker built in???

Do they give enough gain for metal? (I just sold a Dist-X pedal cos I got bored of it..)

Mine can do metal really well honestly... It takes a bit of playing with the EQ to find the sweet spot for your specific taste, but it can do it really well... And thats at low bedroom volumes even, without power amp saturation... It might need a OD for some peoples taste, but for what I do it sounds good without one...

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Does it have enough power to be heard over a drummer clean.
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If you're just jamming, maybe. But at a gig. No

This is a bit of a weird answer... While the amp will tend to break up on the clean channel the louder and louder you get it, you can always get an EQ and a booster pedal to help keep the sound clean as it gets louder... In a jam situation just on the power of the amp, it would probably get kind of dirty (think a bluesy clean), but in a gig situation it would be mic'd anyhow so you could be heard clean at volumes that probably wouldn't be heard over a drummer in any other situation...
Had my HT5 since just before Christmas and it's actually taken my playing to a new level because I'm practicing more since I can't seem to put my guitar down now =).

The tag line on the advertising for the amp is "The sound in your head" and that sums it up perfectly for me. This little unit Finally gave me the sound I'd been searching for or should I say 'sounds' since it nails all the different tones I've wanted.
^ Exactly... This little amp is so amazingly versatile that as a practice amp it really helps out in pretty much every way.... I noticed that I play alot more since I got this amp too...
I really like the look of the Black Star HT5's, combo or stack. I'm looking into them for sure.
Anyone know where you can find one of these. Everyone seems to be out of stock.
ive got the mini stack and i love it to bits, but i need that little more gain
so i was thinkin sticking the DistX into the loop to give me that boost

think its a good idea or would recomend another pedal?
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I tried out the HT-5 - sounded really awesome at low volumes.

It doesn't have enough gain for me though, which is a shame because I really would have put that mini-stack to use.
I got the HT-5 combo yesterday and I'm impressed with the sound so far, even though I've only managed to use it for a short time.
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This is the Blackstar HT-5 thread. You god damn noobs forgot to mention their greatest amps - the artisan series!
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love my HT-5, makes a killer little practice amp, hits the sweet spot like a bigger tube amp at much lower volumes. Sounds way bigger than other mini amps I've tried. Very happy with the little bugger, fun amp to play.

Quote by music_mike
...The amp runs on only two tubes (12BH7 pre-amp and 12AX7 (ECC83) power-amp, both are stock Electro-Harmonix) and produces 5 watts of output.

actually it uses the dual triode 12BH7 in a push/pull to make it's power, the 12AX7 is still used for the preamp. The amp should also be biased if you change the 12BH7.
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i've got alot of love for Blackstar! i went to the last Music Live show and stood talking with the guys from Blackstar for a good couple of hours, really friendly. tried out their pedals and walked away with a HT-Dist pedal and a free T-shirt! happy days. the pedal is the centre-piece of my pedal board now and i wouldn't swap it for the world.

I am seriously considering a Blackstar amp head in the near future, either the mini stack head, or going all out and getting the One Series 100 watt head.

i could afford the HT-5 head in a matter of weeks and it would be really handy for me for practise as i have to lump my Grainger Hammerhead 50 half stack around everywhere at the moment and this provides a much smaller, portable option AND it has a proper effects loop, unlike my current amp. the only thing that worries me is volume, if i were to use the head for practise, open mic/jam nights, and small gigs, im sure it would be okay. but would it have the presence to really cut through when i need it to? i alternate with the other guitarist between rhythm and lead parts throughout the set...

as for the One Series, i'm pretty much sold, its not as expensive as i thought it would be (£800-£900) and its packed with the exact specs i'm looking for. the only thing is theres nowhere around me that i would be able to play one, so i'd be buying blind, and although its not as expensive as i might have thought, its still alot of money...

so tl;dr - buy the HT-5 to solve the problem of taking a huge rig everywhere, or sav up for the One Series.

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I'm so looking forward to the Series One. I have a DistX at the mo and I haven't got bored of the thing. Just gonna struggle to save up for a Series One 45watt combo...but it's on my list