hi, i know some theory like some scales, chords, i know about intervals and read some tutorials...
I learned some cuz i really want to learn to make my own songs, but it sux to come up with own stuff since it's so slow and nothing happens.

when i listen to bands i feel inspired etc, but afterwards nothing happens in my playing its just borign/crap or a rip off riff from the song/band i listened to... -.-

how can u adapt theory to your playing?
how do you create songs?

what do u need to know to make rhythm sections? or lead?

and dont say "just play around" or something like that, since thats what i am doing and nothing happens and i feel i need somekind of "tools" to start "creating" u know..

this is prolly like 5th thread about these kind of stuff i've done but i never get it!
so i'm pretty desperate at this point... please help!
thanks and bye!

btw, i lsiten to mostly metal...metallica, pantera, death, maiden, slayer etc u know...
I can't tell you how you should write songs, because I've never met you and have no idea what you want to play or are capable of, so I'm going to tell you how I write songs.

First I come up with the atmosphere of the song I want to write, whether it be mellow, sad, happy, anything. Then I come up with a basic motif that goes with the atmosphere, this could be a chord progression, melody, stanza, whatever. From here I use theory to understand what is happening inside the music I've just written and add more and more onto it until I have a song.

Don't feel bad if you can't write a song in a day, or even a week. It took me two years of intensive study before I even started writing, and now it might take me three months to write a song. So just relax and work on it when your inspired, if you don't feel like writing a song, then don't.
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theory states 1+1=2 sometimes in music 1+1=3.
Well, for some first songs, best thing would probably be to pick a scale. (E minor would be a solid choice for the kind of music you play, but you'll just have to experiment which scales you like).
Now I'm going to tell you how to write trash metal songs, so this is not aplicable to all types of music but once you get the hang of this you'll have a start.
So we're going to do this in E minor, so start playing a rythm using solely a palm muted E (the root note of the scale). Try playing a bit of a nice rythm, galloping, or just 8th notes. Now try adding some power chords so like:
Riff 1:
(I don't have a guitar around so I just created this in my head)
So now you have a riff you could try something like a variation:
Riff 2:
(This probably won't sound amazing but I don't have a guitar arround).
Now play something like: Riff 1 x3 Riff 2
You could also do something that Maiden does (and metallica does in ehm. Harverster of sorrow I think) is playing some kind of progression in the riff like
E-00-0-0-0 (x3)-3/5-3/5|33-3-3-3 (x3)-2|
Now build from this and try making more riffs up in the same key and try sticking them together.
BUT beware, you will come up with a lot of worthless crap before you actually write something good, but your brain will like analize everything you play and will remember what sounds good (or what doesn't). So if you're making up riffs good or bad, it will still help you.
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