This is a cover of Pink Floyd - David Gilmour - greatest Marooned from their album The Division bell 1994,
How to play Marooned?
I got Guitar pro Tabs from the internet, rearranged them for a whammy pedal. as the original tabs are played like in the 30th fret.
so the song is played with a whammy pedal that shifts the guitar one octave up, I splited the solo guitar into two tracks one plays the standard tuning, the other plays the one octave up shifted tune... so all u have to do is push up your expression pedal to play the guitar track, then push it down to play the 1 octave up whammy track
I also rearranged the finger positioning for easier playing, and put some remarks on the tabs, which made it finally a playable song..
If you are interested in having this tabs just send me your email.
Please rate, comment and may be enjoy
The gear:
peavy exp predetor guitar
0.10 gibson humbucker strings
digitech rp90 multi guitar processor (with whammy effect)
MXR M-132 super comp compressor
Randall RX15M Amp.