post here if you need any band member for any genre of music. Please specify what your looking for. GL

no flaming please.
im looking for a guitarist and maybe a drummer around the sioux city area, or even omaha or vermillion. anything would work. music ranges from classic rock to reggae to hair metal to acoustic. everythin
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Looking for people to jam with in Ames. I'll play just about anything but I prefer heavier music. I have no interest in doing covers so I guess I'm looking for creative people. I'm kind of an old man (28) so I'd prefer to limit this to over 18 minimum and preferably closer to my age. PM me if interested.
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I live in Omaha and am looking for some people to jam with and see where it goes from there. I'm into blues and classic rock. Reply if interested
In Ames, into guitar dynamics (i.e. pixies), or heavy rhythmic stuff. Also would be up to play some relaxed music, classic rock sound and feel, after all, the blues are good with me. Send a pm.