I heard some the other night on a station I listen to and thought it'd be good to pick up some Spanish rock. But besides the Mars Volta and Santana, I don't really know any; either modern or classic. Can anyone recommend me some?
those guys Mana? havent really heard them but the people here in Miami rave about them :\
check em out if you want.

Fear the LIME

sidewinder by avenged sevenfold

has an absolutely sick spanish guitar breakdown/solo. although they're not a spanish band by any means, the spanish acoustic guitar in that song is frickin sweet.
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Do you mean spanish influenced, members or the language in which it is sung? Also a little more specific on what genre of rock.
Heroes Del Silencio.
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Listen to Rockon1824, he knows what he's talking about.

But more importantly: Grupo Fantasma and Orchestra Harlow. Those were some of the greatest rock/salsa groups ever.
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El Tri, Soda Stereo (Alt rock-like), Molotov (Beasty Boys RATM/rap rock esque), Cafe Tacuba (alternative) and Mana (very much like "The Police") should be good if you want the lyrics to be on Spanish, idk what to say if what you wanted was spanish-influenced. The bands i said are the most popular ones, never been too much into spanish rock though
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Definitely Mana, I have a Latino friend who's obsessed with them. He told me the two most popular bands in Mexico are Pearl Jam (duh) and Mana. Their drummer is a God and their guitarist is superb. His solos have sort of a Carlos Santana/Steve Vai feel.
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the mars volta? spanish influenced and some spanish songs... although its still prog and everything

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The closest thing to spanish rock I know of is "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" by the Offspring haha "...uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco sies..." haha I'm sorry
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