So i popped into my local guitar shop, Music Grounds Manchester (a great place by the way) and picked up this beauty. Played quite a few but settled on this. Here we go...

Yes... it says "Tanglewood" on the case, it was the cheapest he could give me haha.

Popped open the case...

And check them sides... oooft.


Its a Cort M710FM. Flamed maple back and sides, solid spruce top, a Fishman 4T pre-amp/pickup thingy, with a nice little tuner inbuilt

It sounds and plays GREAT!!!
Very happy man here

(Pictures don't quite do it justice, but not too bad for a camera phone!!)
I wish the flamed maple was more orange and darker, but it still looks fantastic.
Sound files?
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
My playing and terrible desktop microphone won't do it justice... but i'll get some batteries in my pod and plug it in at some point Thanks guys =)
Giggity giggity guitar! It is a tasty guitar! Have you licked it yet?
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That's a cracker. I have wondered if their acoustics are as good as the electrics. Not always the case but that really looks the business.
Want to share the price with us?
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My local shop carries Corts. Are they really diamonds in the rough?
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One of my friends swears by her Cort. Look great. Congrats on the new guitar!
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Yeah it really is a diamond in the rough. It plays and actually sounds better than the £750 Taylor i also tried.

It shoulda been £330, and the case was £70. I bargained him down to £320 for the pair
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I wish the flamed maple was more orange and darker, but it still looks fantastic.
Sound files?

To you sir, they also do a "Flamed Bubinga" model, where obviously, the back and sides are flamed bubinga, which is closer to the colour you're looking for.