Does any one know what key brothers in arms is in by Mark Knopfler? I'm looking into improvising for it but nothing seems to fit. I know its minor but that's all. I though blues but it doesn't seem to work.
Ah ok then would that be Blues or Minor if you can remeber? Im guessing its not major? unless my ears is screwed up
I Don't have a clue. lol
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You can solo over it in whatever scale you think matches the song. If the songs in E Major, I'd solo over it in E Major, emphasising the chord tones over each chord. If it's in C#m, I'd solo over it in the natural minor scale, similarly emphasising the chord tones.

You may wanna watch "Melodic Control" by Marty Friedman, which is a good way of learning how to solo well. I think you can find it for free on Google Videos.
I was going to say G# Pentatonic seemed to be working well along with the previouse suggestions of C# works in place but E doesnt seem to work but D# does.