So it isn't done yet, and the title is tentative. But it's metal. I'd cite some influences but I don't think they'd matter. A bit of thrash, a bunch of melodeath, stuff. I don't really know where to go after the last harmony, just looking for tips/suggestions

C4C, and thanks in advance

EDIT: I've since been working on an acoustic interlude after that last bit where it ended off
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Good song overall, some of those stretches look pretty difficult though. I would take out the choir(put in bass instead), I think that section has more than enough going on without it. I didn't like bars 17-24, it serves its job as a decent build up, but it pales in comparison to next section. Change it up a bit instead of just ascending the scale. Also the drums from bar 8 until the end of that section are somewhat overbearing, it sounds like the drums are doing way more than they should, personally I would save a huge drum section like that for near the end of the song.

Riffs, melodies, and harmonies were great all the way through.

In regards to finishing the song I would put in a bad ass guitar solo, spanning two riffs. First section on the heavy riff you got, then the second half on the acoustic riff your writing. You could use the acoustic part for the outro.

Something else you can do to make it longer: Take the symphony part and make it twice as long, but on the second time round switch the instrument to dist guitar. I changed it and it sounds great. Great stuff overall.
Parts were good, but some were a bit lacking. I think bass would do wonders for this song, and some more keys on parts where it seems a bit empty. For instance that first melody where it just trems up the scale. Change it up a bit. It sounds incomplete though, and a bit boring just going up like that.

To finish, I think you put a solo, then acoustic part, the solo over the acoustic and build it up into an epic final climax.
hey bro, thanks for checking out my song.

ok, the intro is probably one of the best bits in the song, but the drums make no sense at all. the riff at 17 is pretty average. im not saying its crap but i have heard alot of stuff that is similar. oh and btw that drum beat at 25 is sooooo groovey. good stuff there. riff at 33, i really dont know what to say about it. the riff at 41 is cool but you may want to do something about those keys, they are pretty boring and they dont really do anything. Maybe change some note durations, ad some more in, harmonise)
49 - best riff in the song. and that weird drum beat actually works. im not too keen on the last riff to be honest. but then again i seem to hate most harminize riffs.

Cheers. overall good stuff
Great song man, overall its a nice piece. I' was thrown off by the title when I first heard the song, when I think "andromeda burning" I'm thinking something brutally heavy, but this is still a nice surprise lol

Bar 25-32 = really good stuff, simple but speaks volumes about the passage

Bar 33 = kind of cliched, try adding a better drumline to that part if you decide not to change the guitars

Bar 57 = turn that into a pre solo, harmonized guitar section. You can easily branch off leads from that riff/measure.

Overall good song, needs work on the drums, come up with some catchy more catchy drumlines and you're set.

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Oh, and change the song title for the final outcome, Andromeda Burning doesn't fit the mood of this song IMO