Okay i've searched the searchbar and couldn't find anything so sorry if it's already been answered.

Would i need an acoustic amp to play an electro acoustic through? or can i use a normal electric guitar amp?

i was guessing it would sound better through an acoustic amp but i really didnt know, so any feedback's great!
acoustic amp = electro acoustic guitar
electric guitar amp = electric guitar
bass amp = bass guitar

are you getting what im saying???
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electric guitar amps are almost always perfectly fine for acoustic electric guitars.

some are even well suited for them.

in addition, if amplification on acoustics and mics is your game, a PA system can do just that, usually at a reduced price.

i wouldnt bother wt a fender acoust... amp.

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You can use an electric amp for an electro-acoustic but it just doesnt sound good as with a proper acoustic amp
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