As most of you guys know I am a huge Gibson fan while hunting on Ebay for deals I came across some dollar coins made in the Somali Republic they have about 5 or 6 guitar shaped coins three Gibson shaped 2 Vs and an Explorer so. I had to have a couple. I bought two the Black V and Blue Explorer both I am going to have made into charms to hang on a chain. I skipped the red white and blue V but might try and grab one of those as well. These were only about 7 bucks each and IMHO a must have for any Gibson fan.

Here is a pic of them:

If this is the wrong section I am sorry but i figure it is guitar related.

Pretty cool, i would think that brightly coloured ones would look kinda tacky but these ones look pretty sweet
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Here is a scan of the back of the V. It says one dollar Somali Republic has the country's Seal and the date 2004. The backs of these look pretty tacky for sure but the engraving and enamel on the front is amazing.