it must get so sticky in your mind,
a gum-shoed waltz off time.
I said shame for elsewhere in it,
the sleeping, sleeping, waking
clocks don’t stop for your arm pits.
sun don’t shine from your shit.

here, take my tips;
I work hard. my eyelids rip.
but since you’re so damned, tired,
I’ll leave you with them to keep you;
‘cause I’ve got my clock wired, know,
to go much slow, I speed through –
or appear to.

wake up! wake up!
I want to dance, not sloth and scuff.
I want to raise my ‘portance up.
wake up! you fussy pup –
you limitation:
I am litigation, leave and see:
open eyes make open minds –
wake up! I won't repeat;
there isn’t time.

unedited, feel free to.