Anyone else read any of his New York trilogy? I've just read the first two, City of Glass and Ghosts, and managed to enjoy and hate them both at the same time. I quite like the sort of head**** style and that, and the twists and mystery do intrigue me, but at the same time I think it's that style which stops me really enjoying the stories. It's just too dense. Or maybe I'm too dense.


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Seriously though, I find Auster to be a little pretentious and overrated.
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disagreed. I just finished his trilogy last weekend and it was mesmerizing. they weren't revolutionary, but it was spectacularly written and the style it emulates is uncanny. That and his knack for mind****s keeps you guessing- tying the stories all together and bringing in questions of identity, it was great.

also, having paul auster as a character in the story was such a cool idea.