hey guys, I recently upgraded my bass amp rig.

I currently am using a

GK Backline 600 (300W) bass amp

thats going into a


and a GK115BLX(200W)

I have the Master Volume knob at about 1/2 and the boost and channel volume also at about 1/2.

But for some reason, the LED light with "CLIP" above it is constantly it up. What the hell?
do you have an active bass?
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No I have a fender aerodyne Jazz bass

I also seem to get a farty noise at higher volumes

can anyone help?

Ive heard things like "turn your bass down and your amp up"
Turn down your volume ("level" on the GK) and turn your master up.
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when you say level do u mean the channel volume?

ive got a Channel A(clean), Channel B(distorted) and Master

but i only use my channel A

so ChA down Master up should do the trick?
Should do, also if you have your EQ set extremely bassy that can cause it to clip too.
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Should do, also if you have your EQ set extremely bassy that can cause it to clip too.

Only if the EQ is set before the gain.

Yes. Turn channel level down, master up.

Otherwise, you have a couple of other options:

1. Play lighter
2. Buy a compressor to run before plugging into an amp, which will smooth out those harder-plucked notes and give more room for error on technique before it reaches that volume
3. What was mentioned earlier in lowering the pickup height.