so i saw an awsome deal on ebay that couldnt be let up....however i never used ebay

so i sign up and sign up for paypal too....and bid on the item and im currently the highest bidder. the time ends on feb 5th. in the mean time, im also trying to sell something on my own to get the money to buy the item on ebay. if i dont sell it and dont have the money...im screwed right? i read about retracting the bid... and now im nervous. obviously im new at this whole thing. so am i totally screwed if i cant sell my thing and get the money or is it possible to retract if necessary without consequences?
If you explain to the seller that you are new to eBay and made a mistake, you can retract your bid with no problem. Happens a lot... many people new to eBay have had a problem like this.
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o really? hmm...i mean i emailed the seller and wiating for a reply with a general question, so id be abe to contact him again if the situation is dire....and dont worry i dont care abou the ebay feedback crap...i wont use it again anyway
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It depends on the seller.

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