Im thinking about getting a new guitar. I have a yamaha acoustic, a gibson sg with p-90 pickups and a squire stratocaster. Im thinking about getting an Ovation acoustic electric and a fender stratocaster. Are these decent guitars to get?


well for the fender, it is pretty cheap and apparentely the expensive fenders are the only good ones. personally i hate stratocasters. go try one at a store and see if you like it. picking out guitars is all about personal opinion. every person has a guitar that is perfect for them. so go to the store and try some out.
now the ovation. i absolutely love them. the sound is great, but again, go to a store and try it
That looks like the same one my son has. It's not a bad MIM Fender. As already suggested, go to your local GC and give it a try.

How do you feel about composite-backed guitars? People either love or hate Ovations. The back part of the guitar is bowl-shaped and made of a composite material, which reminds me of plastic. I've played them before and don't care for their tone. I also don't like the slippery "plastic" back - it just seems cheap to me and it's hard to keep it situated in your lap. Again, go to GC and give it a try. You may actually find that you like the feel and tone. It's all about personal taste.