so im still kinda getting the hang of playing guitar. right now im just kind of looking up tabs here and messing around, but can anyone here tell me what to do when you get something like this...


in this example, would i just play the g string open? or do i mute it? i see this alot but im not sure if there is something special i am supposed to do with it
That's an octave, you just finger those notes.
Usually its the first and third finger that does it.

Wait no, I'm wrong, it's not an octave, I've got the wrong strings! haha

But still, the fingering would be the same

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Use your first finger to mute the note in between. Play it like a power chord but just lay your finger on the one string. If that helps.
Put your 3rd finger on the 5th fret of the second string to play the E, then place your 1st finger on the 3rd fret of the fourth string to play the F. Now, use your 4th finger (ring) and thumb to pick just those two notes.

You're playing the root and maj7, or natural 7. In the right context, or with the other notes of a major or minor chord added, this is a nice combination.

Yep... you can also strum those two notes if you mute the string inbetween. Use the pad of your first, or index finger, to lightly touch the 3rd string, muting it.
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