I'm a noob. Im sure you all will PwN mE DogZ but what is a preamp module and how does it even connect to your amp or interphase if it even does at all. Sorry if this is way to easy for you PrO's!
1) please no "dawg" or leet speak, its hard to read.

2) a preamp brings up a microphone (or any sound sources) volume up to a useable level.

3) interfaces usually have one in them already, if not then you just connect the output to the line in.
I know what a preamp does but a preamp module is something way diffrent theres no input which confused me. Plus Im talking about for Guitars.
Yeah, you need a randall mts amp for that, its a replaceable preamp stage. i'm sure you could wire it in to other things but thats pretty complicated circuitry.

If you want that, you need a randall mts.
ya i have the randall rm100 mts, its a great amp with a ton of great modules to choose from. also you can bias the power tubes yourself from outside the amp with just a screwdriver and a voltmeter. If you wanna know more visit the forums at www.randallamplifiers.com there are a bunch of great guys there that really know what they're talking about.

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