Thanks to the student loans company, I had the opportunity to buy a new guitar and amp, as my BC Rich Warlock and my 15w marshall amp were confining me to my bedroom and moving to a big student city meant there's a lot more people wanting to start bands and stuff

So, I decided to go for the Jackson DKMG as I've heard nothing but positive things about them and also the Line 6 Flextone 3. I was going to buy a half cab but in my Uni house I live on the top floor so it would of been a pain in the ass to get up the stairs.

Obviously the guitar didn't come in tune and I'd watched some videos on youtube how to set it up, which took me a bloody long time and in the process I snapped 3 high E strings

I've managed to get it sorted now and it's staying in tune, which is a good help since I'm learning Bad Horsie by steve vai. I'm getting the hang of doing the harmonic dives and what not so soon hopefully I'll be able to nail them just like Steve Vai

Once slight annoyance is no matter how tight i tighten the tremolo/whammy bar, it always comes loose and starts swinging again, can anyone shed some light on if this is fixable?

Here is the new gear

Jackson DKMG
BC Rich Acrylic Warlock
Line 6 Flextone 3 Plus
Marshall 15cd
Congrats on the new gear. Im not sure how you can get the bar to stay in place, but mine screws in(like you spin it around to tighten it) and i cant stand it when it stays in one place. It always gets in the way of my picking hand, but thats just personal preference. Anyway COngrats,
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There's a little allen key slot at the back of the trem that you can tighten. It's literally on the underside.
if you get some plumbing tape (white stuff that isn't sticky, used to wrap around threads of pipes so they stay together and are waterproof)

you can use that to wrap around the threads on the whammy bar, this will make it stay wherever you place it, but still be easy to move outta your way when needed.
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