I've been thinking about buying a Sheraton II and noticed that one of my favorite bands (Silversun Pickups). So my question is, how does this thing sound with overdrive? I don't need a metal guitar but if it can pull some nice alt rock that would be fine with me.
If it sounds good clean chances are it'll sound good distorted (although the reverse isn't necesarily true). The Sheraton's a semi if I'm not mistaken so the only feedback you get should be quite musical and easy to control. So, why not?
yeah, its an amazing guitar, my friend has it. truly a professional guitar, even better than the $3000 gibson hollows. no joke, amazing guitar. insane rich tone. it sings. anyway, yeah it'll sound great when cranked with anything. my friend uses a seymour duncan tweakfuzz on his for his tone, and it's great. also have tried it with a boss ds-1.

it'll sound great through any drive or distortion, amazing guitar.