Ok... so I forgot my YAMAHA EG-112 wiring when I was fixing a broken wire and put a pic on the body...(I'll post my guitar next time)

I based the wiring on this .
I remember some parts of this wiring matched my guitar's.

Ok, then, Im finished... so I put a single string to test it. the guitar sounds well until...

I switched on my amps dist and then I hear this buzzing(grounded like) sound every time my hand gets off the metal parts(tremolo, strings)
I dunno whats wrong... its annoying ... you need to "wire" your hand to any metal part to get the buzzing sound off. The buzz is louder than the sound by 30%

what should I do? Is there something wrong with my wiring? or do I need to change the capacitor inside bcoz I made a mod of the wiring setup? (my cap has this code: 2A473J) please help!!!
^this. Mostlikely
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All connections are there. even grounding those strings.
my hunch is that my capacitor is damaged and needs to be changed.
(and my tester is low on battery, getting inaccurate! WTF!)