Hi, i've been looking to get a Jackson flying V guitar for a while (more like an itch you can't get rid off . Seems like the JS30 is not worth the money. I'm a little hesitant to spend $650 for a new RR3 as I haven't been playing too long - about 8 months.

I've found two RR3's for sale in my area. One is a 2004 model for $300. The owner said he has EMG 81 pups in it now and might be selling it with the EMG's. Although he might swap out EMG's for stock Seymour Duncans. Correct me if I'm worng but I believe the EMG's are active and require modifications to the guitar body to house battery and other wires. Would I have to be careful of shoddy workmanship when the EMG's were put in? Or is this a neat feature to have work already done to guitar body? Are the EMG's a lot better than stock Duncans?

I also found another RR3 for $350, link below.
It looks in decent shape. I only own two guitars and bought both of them new. Is there anything I should keep an eye out for with these used ones? Also not sure if it is worth it to buy a brand new RR3. Are there better features or other improvements that the new model has? The ones for sale are 4-5 years old. I see that there are some for sale on ebay but the above two are local so I can check them out in person.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
well i got an RR3 with Eerie Desert Swirl paint for £400 which is alot more than what you have there, about double the price, and, i find the Seymour Duncans are very good for alot of things, personally, i would go for it
Wow, I would go for the first one if the guy keeps the EMG's in. You wouldn't need to modify it to fit the batteries, and I'm sure he already has it set up correctly if he was playing it with the EMG's in it. You don't have to change batteries to often either. The stock Duncans in the RR3 are great, assuming it is the JB/Jazz combo. If he doesn't keep EMG's in, I'd go for the other one.

Good luck, I want an RR3 bad too, or an Alexi 600.
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