I used to play rhythm, but thought it was a good idea to start lead now. On my amp, (and on my SS one, too) whenever I play on a higher string, the E A and D strings always seem to vibrate just a LITTLE bit and produce some unwanted distorted noise. Should I put my palm on those (like I'm palm-muting them) or something else? Thank you in advance.
Depends on your guitar... I had that problem on a really cheap guitar a while ago with a stratocaster-like bridge, so I just raised the action of those strings a bit.
umm, whats the cause?
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I have a stratocaster, I dunno if the pickups really matter, but I have Seymour Duncan Hot Rails. Maybe the action is too low. I'll ask my local guitar store about it.
About 69 views with 2 answers, nice. I have no clue, what the cause is, it's just making noise, I'm not muting the strings with my palm, though. I think this may be the cause.
i always mute the strings i'm not playing with my palm.
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Yeah if you just mute them when your not using them it will work fine.
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If it is like the string is hitting the frets too much and buzzing out rather than making the desired noise i would say your neck needs an adjustment. If not then it is your picking/fretting style if you are just having problems with accidentally hitting the string when you are not picking it.
Its just they arent muted. If you pick one string without muting, all the others will ring a little bit. Just use your hand to mute it.
Yeah, if you're using distortion, you need to be much more conscious of right-hand muting.
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maybe you're picking too hard?

+1 possibility since you use to play rhythm

Also, have you ever had your guitar setup?
man i have seymour duncan hot rails and I hate them I cant get a good tone out of them to save my life. I have the same problem with mine (its not the damn $1200 guitar either) maybe its the pups cuz i have the same problem and the same pickups and i hate the hot rails.
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