How do you all power your equipment? I have an amp and pedal board to power. The pedal board has BBE Supacharger so it is filtered. Do you usually plug the amp directly into the wall outlet? Is it alright to use an ordinary extension chord if your not close to a wall outlet?
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I use old style batteries for pedals and a surge protector for my amp, Zendrive 2 and Tube Driver. I wanna upgrade to a Furman Power Conditioner so I don't have to worry about low voltages sucking tone though, but the Boogie comes first.
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Voodoo Labs Pedal Power AC 2+ and a surge protector for everything else.
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monster power condition w/ ac filtering and surge protection
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One Spot 9V adapter + 8 pedal extension cable.

I got that 9V extender for 30 bucks.

If I need any more cables I just use another power supply.
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Okay, I have a filtered power supply for my pedals. So, maybe get surge protection for that and my amp? Will any old surge protection do? And what about using extension chords?
Furman PL-8 II for the amp/rack...and then the Supa Charger at the front of the stage for my pedalboard

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I plug a Furman PL-Plus into the wall, then everything (amp, pedals, etc) into the Furman.
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